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Friday, November 24, 2006

Onion Peal from Retreat Class

I finished the Onion Peal earlier this week. Started this at our annual November retreat and was determined to finish it as soon as possible. Quilted in a day and half (record) and binding (I figured about 20-30 hours piecing, about 10-15 quilting and binding). Machine quilted over a weekend with free motion squiggles and leaves. No label yet, but that is okay. I plan to put it on my bed at next retreat. And, bring it to show and tell at my guild meeting, of course.
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2006, December 2

I thought it would nice to use it on my bed right away. The first night the kitties slept on it with me, that was great! But, the next morning one decided that breakfast was a plant and brough it righ back up onto the quilt. Needless to say I cleaned up the mess right away and had to wash the quilt.

The quilt is officially "blessed" now and is a legitimate quilt! What would we do with out our kitties?!?


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