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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Modern Quilt with Amy Buttler, Valorie Wells & Friends Fabrics

I bought the fabric this spring at Hancock's of Paducah in their sale table. This is the first of two, maybe three projects I've completed with these colors.


I put a label on and finished the binding. Tied off the last of the quilting and pulled all the basting stitches out. It is going on my bed at retreat this November.
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Last week I *finally* finished quilting the top and got the binding sewn on. I am reasonably pleased with it. I've put it away for the time when I feel like hand stitching the last step of the binding as well as tying off the quilting. But I am eager to start the new quilt that it has inspired another quilt using the leftovers from this one.

Decided early on that I would use my standard Meander pattern to quilt with.
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I got the top done, the border is a little different than I had first imagined it. I sandwiched it together and am ready to start quilting it.
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Did make some progress even though distracted by other mini projects:

In 2002 I finished a Quilt that was inspired by Piet Mondrian's paintings. I used complicated colors rather than his usual primaries, as I was very inspired by his mathamatical application of his lines. He didn't just draw them randomly. He studied and agonized over them for months, even years.

Then in January, 2003 I started fooling around with the notion I could design a quilt by formula and it would look great every time. I did a great little fabric sketch of what I wanted to do and had it "all" figured out. At the time I thought I would teach a class, and had written notes about how I would explain my method. Anyway, life moved on and here I am in 2007 all inspired again!
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I bought this fantastic fabric that is all large print and wanted a way to show case it with out cutting it too small, when I remembered my little sketch.

We had an hour after the show to stop at Hancock's of Paducah. They have a back room of flat fold, bolt ends for 3.98 a yard. I went a little NUTTY! 24 yards! (you do the math.... that's a hundred clams) I really need to find a pattern that will show case the loveliness of these great fabrics that won't require me to cut them into little pieces. They are so out of character of the other fabric I possess, but right in character with how they make me feel

(A bit of a weird reference to 24, but I sort of felt like Jack digging through the flat folds and dodging other eager hunters at the store. And then I came up with the magic number of 24 yards... and I do like the show. "I promise to do everything I can to get the fabric home safely and not let if fall into an enemy's hands, I promise")

So I worked up a new design in Adobe Illustrator and started cutting. I just love it. My interest in my original quilt "formula" is up again and I need to figure out my original notes and see if I can recreate it again. I still think it would be a fun class because everyone's quilt would turn out different, even though the technique would be the same.
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Soooo, the next exciting idea.... I have a really nifty design worked up to show case my treasure trove of recently purchased fabrics (Amy Butler, Jane Sassaman, Valori Wells, Martha Negley) . I want each beautiful print to be showcased in the quilt and not cut up too small. I have a design I created about five years ago with some other fabrics, but have repurposed it to work with these.

Tonight I've finished drafting the design and am really excited by how they fit together. The design will involve these fabrics

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Paper mockup to check full size scale (since I designed it on the computer and had only seen it on my computer screen until then)
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I had designed the quilt for large scale prints, based on a design I had created earlier. I didn't have this quilt in mind when I bought the fabric, I bought them because I loved them so. But, once I got them home I dug out an old design I had sketched up and they were a perfect match.

New design inspired by earlier quilt:
"Piet's Trip Through the Cosmos" ©2002

Well, I finally "allowed" my self to cut loose on this project. It contains some of my currently favorite fabrics, I think I've slobbered on enough about how much I love them, and the fact that I got most of these out of print lovelies for only $4 a yard! It is going together fast! I have a lot left over and a thinking of making another one....

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I am also itching to quilt my favorite junkie-stippling-swirly stitch all over it too, so I can snuggle under it soon!



Blogger Joanna said...

I am really feeling this quilt - your design is lovely, and what a bargain on the fabrics! I want to shop where you shop lol!!

6:49 PM  
Blogger Erika said...

Where can I find the pattern for this quilt? Thanks.

8:42 PM  

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